Many of our members are unaware of just how much volunteer work and fundraising is necessary to operate a thriving hockey program. In an effort to keep our program fees affordable, we ask that families become involved in a variety of areas throughout the season. The benefits of having such involvement across the board will do much to improve our league.

Your time commitment is minimal and your help is beneficial to the growth of our players and the league!

Participation in the Volunteer Bond Program is a mandatory component of registration with Cochrane Recreational Hockey.

Deposit Amounts

  • $150.00 per registered player

Volunteer Requirements

Families are expected to support the league with a minimum of 4 hours of volunteer time throughout the season. Available positions and volunteer opportunities will be presented during the season Open House event. Those who are not able to attend will be contacted with possible opportunities by a Volunteer Coordinator early in the season.

Bond Exemptions

  • Head coaches & Assistant Coaches
  • Team managers, Coordinators, & Executive Positions

Please Note: Families who choose to decline Participation in the volunteer expectations may submit cheques for immediate deposit. They will then be removed from the list of volunteers