How often are practices a games?

Typically, we have 1 practice and 1 game per week. Depending on ice availability and interest from the teams, we may add practices or games throughout the season the year, however, these are always optional.
What are the date and times of practices?

We do not set our practice schedule until after the registration process. This is so we can build a schedule that suits the players we have registered. However, all of ur current practice times are on Friday nights.
What is the cost?

Please refer to our Registration Page for all fees and related costs & deposits
Is there travel involved with games?

Yes! We do travel. However, the majority of our games in the first half of the season are played close to Cochrane. Please see our rink information page for more details.
How far do we have to travel?

Black Diamond/Canmore is as far as we go. Both are just over 1 hour from Cochrane.
How often do we have to travel?

We have a lot of Home games in the beginning of the season. These games may be played in Cochrane, Morley or rarely in Cremona. Millarville, Black Diamond and Bragg Creek rinks are outdoor. Black Diamond ice is refrigerated so they are generally ready to hold games in early November. Redwood meadows and Millarville rinks require colder weather and have only rarely been available before January in the past few years. January, February we usually have 2 home and 2 away games.
Do you hold tournaments?

We have a year end tournament in March. The location and date will be released early in the season. We will also try and secure ice for a Cochrane hosted tournament.
Do you have a list of equipment required?

Please refer to our Hockey Equipment Checklist page for information on required gear. All players are required to wear full Hockey gear, neck guards and mouth guards are mandatory.
Are there girls on the teams?

Yes! We have quite a few female players and hope to increase those numbers next season.
How many players per team?

We hope to limit our roster numbers to a maximum of 15-17 players per team.
When does the season start?

Regular practices start the first week of October, however we may add some earlier skating opportunities in September.