Raffle Ticket Information


I want to thank all those who donated for our 3rd annual liquor raffle!!

Liquor Donation and fundraising is mandatory in our league. Our registration fees are exceptionally low considering the high cost of running our program. We will spend approximately $45,000 in ice rental fees this season and our insurance fees will run us approximately $6,200 this season, which totals just over $51,000 in expenses alone.

I will be posting a more detailed break down on the website for those of you interested in why we need to fundraise.

Here is what you need to know about the raffle tickets

  • Each player is only responsible for selling 15 tickets
  • Each family with 2 or more players is only responsible for selling 25 tickets

Tickets are $5 each. Ticket purchasers need to write their full name & address (town) and contact info on the small stub. They may keep the other half of the ticket.

Players must return all sold ticket stubs with purchaser info by December 8th

All stubs must be returned so we can ensure a legal raffle.

Payment for sold tickets can be returned in cash or by e-transfer no later than December 8th, 2018.

  • 15 tickets – $75 is required
  • 25 tickets- $125 is required


If you are unable to sell your tickets, ask your team to help support you in getting yours sold. THAT’S WHAT TEAMS ARE FOR!

This is by far the most brilliant fundraiser ever. Plain and simple LIQUOR SELLS!

Many of you may find you need MORE tickets. If that is the case, please do the following ….


Text me 403-613-6258.  I have approximately 60 extra tickets – That’s it!!


Send out a message to your teammates to see if anyone needs help. You can email your team manager to help you with this if need be.


Post a request on the Cochrane Cougars closed Facebook group. If you have not joined yet… Do it now !!

** You are responsible for ensuring your ticket stubs are returned regardless of who sells them.

A $50 Credit to the Cougars online store will be given the individual who sells the most raffle tickets

Photos of each of the prizes will be posted on the Facebook page throughout the remainder of the week.

Prizes will be drawn on December 14 and winners will be notified immediately.

All ticket buyers must be 18 or older and be residents of Alberta.

Finally, A special thank you to ur super cool and talented coaches Jordan Nielsen & Kory Gach for building the beautiful crates for each of the basket prizes.

Thanks so much!


Cheryl McKay
Program Director
Cochrane Rec Hockey,